Prior to production, our products undergo a rigorous preparation process with an emphasis on construction and technological feasibility. For this process we use the following:

SolidWorks 2017 Premium with special extensions allowing us to analyze gas flow and design high-quality vacuum components and assemblies,

CAM programming for the simulation of more complex machining processes, enabling us to detect potential issues with the technological feasibility of the product before production begins,

3D printing where we can see the stage of completion and identify potential problems which would otherwise go unnoticed on a computer screen,

the interconnection of IT equipment and production machinery is allowing us to optimize operational times (i.e. roughing operations), production costs and reduce the final price for our customers

Not only do those technologies enable us to deliver high-quality products, it also aids in our obligation to the environment by minimizing industrial waste and the subsequent necessity to recycle (i.e. metal shavings, plastic etc.).“Do you need help designing your product in terms of its technological feasibility?”

In addition to carrying out our own production processes, we also provide consulting services with a focus on the technological feasibility of other product designs (i.e. laser welding, TIG welding etc.)

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