We specialize in the development and production of electrodes for resistance welding and related products (hot bar thermodes).

We produce electrodes from a wide range of commonly used materials (see the chart below).

  Material Trade Name
  CuCrZr RWMA2, třída 2
  CuCoBe RWMA3, třída 3
  WCu RWMA11, třída 6
  W RWMA13, třída 7
  Mo RWMA14, třída 8

We purchase our materials exclusively from verified suppliers from non-conflict zones with quality certification.

We can supply electrodes in all shapes and sizes (typically from D=1 mm to D= 20mm) either as single-piece electrodes (typically from CuCrZr) or with soldered inserts (typically Wolfram in a copper shaft).

We are fully aware that the quality of the weld depends on the quality of the electrode. This is why we place great emphasis on repeatable results, so you can rest easy knowing that you can rely on a high-quality electrode every single time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at: post@tecpa.cz