Tecpa s.r.o. is a traditional progressive Czech company. We are focused on providing comprehensive services in the field of precise engineering manufacturing principally as individual items and small series production.

We offer to our customers a complex service from the beggining (consultation, engineering design, technological aspects, process simulation) to the final process (manufacturing, quality inspection, functional tests, export). For this type of service we also use a cutting edge CAD/CAM software such as SolidWorks and Hypermill.

Our specialization is manufacturing and machining of precise components made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, tungsten, graphite, MACOR ceramics and also plastics such as PMMA, PEEK,POM, etc. After that we assemble these parts into variable dimensions and applications.

To ensure the highest possible precision and quality, we use these technologies listed below:

– TIG welding with automated voltage control (AVC)
– Laser beam welding on the machine Amada Miyachi Nova6 with minimal heat affected zone between two welded parts
– Vacuum or atmosphere brazing
– Helium leak detection (1E-09 mbar/s)
– UHV parts cleaning
– Clean montage ISO 6 – ISO 8
– 5 Axis CNC milling (Kovosvit, Mikron) with palletizing system and interpolation turning
– CNC turning (Spinner, Okuma) with powered tool system
– Surface tratment technology, finishing, sandblasting, ballblasting, grinding, mechanical and electrochemical polishing, anodizing and coating parts with a thin layer of nickel, DLC, WC, Au, Ag, etc…
– Electroerosive machining
– 3D printing and much more…

Our primary production:

– Vacuum insulated pipe systems
– Vacuum chambers for HV/UHV
– Vacuum valve rods
– Vacuum feedthrougs
– BSE detectors and detection systems for electron microscopy
– Lighthguides for electron microscopy
– Electrodes for resistence welding
– Common or custom made extremely precise components

Production domain:

– Electron microscopy
– Bioengineering
– Technical instruments